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Azad Kashmir, the creator of seven members of the same family, has become a real helper
Rawalakot Land Sliding: The Hoojira village’s Pothi Chhapriyas Seven members of the same family died, according to details, last night due to heavy rains, three houses in Pothi Chhapri village of Hajirah came to mind. Mother-in-law of the grandchildren that the house was resurrected when the whole family was asleep, the heavy rains slide so hard that all of the sleeping family members were buried beneath the mud, the land slide. The victim, Sobia, has five daughters, Basma Omar, 9 years, Tasbah Umar 8 years, Asma Umar 7 years, Shakeela Omar, 4 and a half months, while 14-year-old Shahbaz of the family is buried under the slide. I went while Jamila Begum Omar will be about 35 years of severe depression which was immediately rushed to CMH hospital but due to severe stroke, Rawalpindi I need to Copy. Immediately after this catastrophic disaster, DDMA Syed Mumtaz Kazmi arrived on the spot with his staff and started rescue activities while Pak army personnel started rescue operations under the supervision of Colonel Basir, Majir Usman and Majir Saad. On the occasion, Red Crescent, Civil Defense, Muslim Hand, Seva Foundation and Civil Society also participated in the operation. After this incident, the atmosphere of the area became gwadar and local people called me and informed me about the details as a few years ago the land slide in Poonch Division, Kiwaja Nachis as Chairman of Red Crescent Azad Kashmir was very much in these areas. I had a job that was also my duty and I also loved Kashmiris, because of any disaster or incident, people in these areas contact me because of their love and affection. One of the great things about the people of Azad Kashmir is that they have seen so many disasters and calamities that they now help each other on their own to cope with any disaster. In this case, the local community has been very positive. Role played …