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Pak Army LOC repulsive operation, 2 Indians killed and several injured
Indian Army loses indiscriminate firing on Tata Water Sector, two elderly civilians are martyred, Pak army gives full response.ISPR
Rawalpindi Pak army responded to Indian aggression and sent two Indian soldiers to hell, while several Indian soldiers were injured in retaliation. According to the Pakistan Army Department of Public Relations (ISPR), the Indian Army has indiscriminately fired on the civilian population on the Tata water sector on LOC, in which two elderly civilians were martyred, 75-year-old Lal Muhammad, a civilian, and another in the martyrs. Hasan Din, 61, is involved.
The two elderly were residents of the village surveillance.
Indian Army targeted the civilian population with miter shells and rockets. However, Pak army responded indirectly to Indian army and killed 2 Indians. Earlier, Assistant Commissioner, Raula Kot said that the Indian army targeted a wedding ceremony in Dera Sherkhan. The Indian Army’s LOC opened fire and opened fire, killing two civilians and injuring several others. Assistant Commissioner said that the Indian Army targeted the marriage ceremony in Dera Sherkhan. The Pak army has responded effectively to the Indian Army’s firing and attack. Effective operation of the Pak Army is still underway.