Indian Soldier died : latest news

Pakistan kills 25 Indian Army personnel last night, but India is hiding it: Indian Colonel revealed
The Indian media has not received any coverage from the Indian media.
Srinagar Indian Army officer refuses to oppress Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir. At the same time, he said that Pakistan killed 25 soldiers of his unit last night but his government hid it and Indian media did not give him coverage.
Colonel Vijay Acharya said that the Indian military personnel were not given any coverage by the Indian media. I am resigning from the army because I cannot oppress my Kashmiris. Colonel Vijay has said on social media that he has decided to resign and move to New Delhi.
He said that the reason for his resignation was in Kashmir. In his statement, how can we kill our people, I can no longer afford it, ‘by the Indian Army’.
Colonel Vijay said that Indian soldiers were also dying but India did not tell the media about them. He exposed India’s crooked face and said that India is oppressing Kashmiris in Kashmir. Colonel Vijay said how can he oppress Kashmiris? That is why he is resigning from the Indian Army. The Indian military officer also revealed that 25 Indian soldiers were killed in firing and shelling exchanges between Pakistan and India which India was hiding but they could not hide, they were young men of their unit.
On August 5, India is thought to have abolished Kashmir’s special status and imposed a curfew and Kashmiris are being persecuted. The Indian Army was given a free hand against the Kashmiris, after which the Kashmiris were trapped in the oppression mill.