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Husband kills wife in Azad Kashmir’s big district
Eight brutal husband poisoned his wife and threw her into the Sapphire River, police made VIP guest instead of taking action against the culprit; According to details, Nadeem, a resident of Danjar, a district sub-district eight, tortured his wife Zareena Bibi over domestic violence and forcibly poisoned her. Thrown into the Sapphire River and reported the missing report to the police. The deceased’s father, Abdul Rahman and heirs, requested the police to export the deceased alive or dead to the police station on suspicion of murder. Police arrested the deceased’s husband and father-in-law and started investigation. Zarina was the mother of two children and she was in fasting that day, and she had a quarrel over failing to work. Police have registered a case against the accused under the provisions of 364 and 109, instead of 302 times, for political influence or for the brightness. The suspects are locked in police custody at the police custody of Nadeem, Majeed, and Naveed police. But instead of investigating political influence and pressure killings, the police are making the case worse by reporting the disappearance. The heirs are searching for the deceased under the auspices of the Sapphire River. The deceased’s father, Abdul Rahman, has appealed to Inspector General of Police Azad Kashmir Salahuddin Mehsud to conduct an inquiry into the murder of his daughter Zarina and bring the accused to justice.