modi and imran khan

‘Modi will listen, answer brick with stone, Pak army ready’
Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Narendra Modi will listen, will answer the brick with stone, Pakistan Army is ready, today all Pakistan stands with Kashmiris, will support till the last moment for independence.
Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the unity ceremony with Kashmiris said that today all Pakistan is standing with Kashmiris, Kashmiris are going through a very difficult time, Kashmiris will stand with them till independence. Closed, fully involved in the suffering of Kashmiris, the Indian government is oppressing human beings. He said that the RSS hates Muslims, the organization was created under the influence of the German Nazi Party, the RSS believes that Muslims should not get the right to equality, RSS ideology occupied India. I will fight Kashmir on every forum.
Imran Khan says my article on Kashmir has been published in the New York Times today. When Muslims are oppressed, global institutions remain silent. RSS member Gandhi was assassinated. He said that even the Indian opposition was not allowed to go to Srinagar. What Modi has done in his arrogance will make Kashmir free.
The Prime Minister further said that India is trying to do something in Kashmir to divert attention, I want to tell Modi I will answer brick with stone, if anything is done in Azad Kashmir, our army is fully prepared, 2 nuclear powers face to face. If the whole world will be hurt, the issue of Kashmir will be highlighted in the General Assembly, Kashmiris have been closed for over a month.