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The end of India has arrived
“This is the beginning of the end, Insha Allah”: Message from the DGISPR after the Pakistani flag was lifted in India
Rawalpindi (September 1, 2019) has arrived in India. After the Pakistani flag was lifted in India, DG ISPR said in its Twitter message, “This is the beginning of the end, Insha Allah.” He reported the Pakistani flag being flown in India on the Indian TV channel. Sharing that ‘Times Now, Kashmir will become Pakistan, Pakistan will be alive’.
Remember that a Pakistani flag was hoisted at a college in the Indian state of Kerala yesterday. According to details, during the election campaign at Salma Arts and Science College in the Indian state of Kerala, the flag of Pakistan was flagged off. A case has been registered against 25 students and a student has been arrested.
As soon as the party workers reached India, the ruling party staged a protest rally against it. The students against whom the case was filed designated and printed as a mistake, but they refused to accept the argument. It is to be noted that even before this many events held in India were held in Pakistan. There have been slogans in favor and against India.
In occupied Kashmir, Pakistan can be seen chanting slogans of life and flags of Pakistan, but at a function held in New Delhi last year, the slogan of “Pakistan Zindabad” took off. There were. Now after the Pakistani flag is hoisted in India, the DGISPR has said that it is the beginning of the end.