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Mirpur, Central Jail Extremism Extension, Prisoners Get Mobile Phone, Internet Access, Official Reconciliation Policy
Under the circumstances, even the most dangerous prisoners are imprisoned, in which case mobile phones, the use of the Internet can be a major risk factor.
Super Tendant Prison is launching its promotional campaign on social media by inviting its darling celebrities to prove their good governance, which is a violation of Manuel.
Why mobile jammers could not be installed in Jail Mirpur till now? Whose suspects / criminals involved in serious crimes are using mobile phones and how? The question of masses
Serious constituencies have demanded Chief Secretary Azad Kashmir Matihar Niaz Rana, Commissioner Mirpur Chaudhry Muhammad Tayeb, take immediate steps to remove the concerns and take immediate steps.
Mirpur (News reporter) Central jail open use of mobile phones in Mirpur open violation of national action plan Co-operative policy of responsible agencies No check and balance No leave to jail authorities, Azad Kashmir Mahatar Niaz Rana, Chief Secretary, Commissioner Mirpur Chaudhry Muhammad Taib demanded to take notice, according to the details. Is banned and falls into the category of violating mugs In spite of this, Central Jail in Mirpur also has access to internet with mobile phone use, in which prisoners are also freely using social media and connected to the outside world, according to sources. In Mirpur, serious concerns are being raised about the lawlessness and the situation in the country, while Super Talent Prison is launching its promotional campaign on social media by inviting its darling and friends to prove their good governance. Why Jail authorities Become Spectators? Mobile Jail in Central Jail Mirpur Why couldn’t they be installed? Why are jail authorities trying to overturn prison rules and establish a state within the state? On whose convictions / offenders are involved in serious crimes and how to use a mobile phone? have been? Why are the visits of ministerial jails not yielding favorable results in the darkness of the night? Now, while the country is in danger due to the circumstances of the country, the Indian prisoners are also imprisoned. Risk can be predictive. Serious constituencies have demanded that Chief Secretary Azad Kashmir Mahathir Niaz Rana, Commissioner Mirpur Chaudhry Muhammad Tayyab take notice and take immediate steps to remove the concerns.