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Indian Army Lieutenant General praised Pak Army’s public relations, but why? Knowing that you would be proud of ISPR too
New Delhi (Online) Former Lieutenant General of the Indian Army, Syed Tahir-ul-Qadri has been honored with the ISPR, and praised the Pak Army’s Public Relations Strategy for providing excellent service. Speaking at the meeting, the Indian Lieutenant General said that the ISPR played a vital role in ensuring the growing strangulation and gulf between the Indian Army and the Kashmiris. The tactics Pakistan has shown in the information war is very commendable, the Army’s public relations department has done excellent professional service for the country. Lack of understanding of the resolution of the conflict in the government may have led to the same incident as the Paloma attack; the Indian Army has made several tactical mistakes over the past 30 years; using military operations as a confessional war was India’s worst mistake. Atta says Kashmir problem cannot be solved with the use of force, India finally takes over I will give entailed brutal use of force policy.