Barrister Sultan meets Alexander Hayat After the victory in the election, Barrister Alexander arrives, detailed meeting, political situation discussed Secrets are waiting for the right time, will fall open and will continue for years, political pundits Kotli (from Shahnawaz Butt) The chief minister of PTI Azad Kashmir, former Prime Minister Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry reached مزید پڑھیں


Violence against Kotli policemen arrested, accused arrested Kotli () Kotli Police vandalized against criminals. Suspect arrested, arms recovered, case registered, investigation started. According to details, SP District Kotli Raja Akmal Kokotli Kojim has been assigned a special task to fulfill the mission of cleansing persons by SHOKOTLEY Mohammed Shahzad Chaudhry, in the light of which مزید پڑھیں


Kotli police operations, drugs and weapons recovered Kotli (News) Kotli police register various cases, arrest persons involved in crime, drugs and arms export, cases registered According to the details, on the directives of SP District Kotli Raja Akmal Khan and DSP Khawaja Abdul Qayyum, HH Kotli Mohammad Shahzad Chaudhry formed a special police team to مزید پڑھیں


Confirmation of the incident before the committee of the affected student, in the past the Mafia flower has been playing in the university, due to lack of discipline such a big event has happened. Kotli (from Shahnawaz Butt) Sixth semester Physics semester student’s sexual harassment incident at Kotli University ‘Fact Finding Committee’s rubbery confirmation, the مزید پڑھیں