Consideration of non-confidence movement against opposition leader started in Azad Kashmir Mirpur Bowl Kashmir News Azad Kashmir General Election has a year and a half left in this regard. After the victory of Barrister Sultan of PTI Azad Kashmir in the Mirpur by-election, political activities have intensified. President of the Muslim Conference Sardar Atiq has مزید پڑھیں


Minister colleges meet twice, PM wants full speed, Chaudhry Rukhsar, Chaudhry Saeed, Masood Khalid’s full silenced supporters Barrister Sultan’s boards will not allow the slogans to be hollowed out; Dadal (from Zaheer Chaudhry) entered the final stages of the division of the educational board Mirpur. The details of the board share have been reviewed by مزید پڑھیں


DG MDA Ejaz Raza Senior journalist no-time representative Zaheer Azam Jiraal attacked; Mirpur () Director General Institute for Development, Mirpur Chaudhry Ijaz Ahmed Raza has said that I respect the journalist community wholeheartedly, the land and survey institution development for the Journalists Colony was completed. All journalists have brotherly ties, Zahir Zarl has nothing to مزید پڑھیں