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Attack on camps, “If Indian media is involved, Indian troops will be exposed by the response of Pak army, DGISPR challenge, Dotok declares
Attack on Rawalpindi camps: “If Indian media is involved, Indian troops are exposed to the response of Pak army, DGISPR challenge, Dotoka announced, spokesman Pak Army Major General Asif Ghafoor said. It is clear that Indian media are traditionally making false claims of invading so-called camps; Indian media will gain access to occupied Kashmir. He said that Indian army will always get a backlash for violating ceasefire agreement. With the Line of Control, there will be complete protection of the civilians there and the Indian Army will be unable to take action Bear’ll pay the price. In his tweet about Indian provocation on Line Control, Major General Asif Ghafoor said that Indian Army deliberately targeted civilian population, targeting innocent civilians to hide the lies of targeting terrorist camps in India. Is making He said that UN military observers and local and foreign media representatives have full access to Azad Kashmir, they do not have this freedom in occupied Kashmir. Major General Asif Ghafoor said that the Indian army always violated the ceasefire agreement. Break the answer. He said that the Pak Army would provide full protection to the civilians there along the Line of Control and the Indian Army would have to pay irrevocable costs on its move. He said that false Indian claims and fake flags would continue to be exposed by telling the truth about the preparations of the parade. For this, it has hoisted the white flag of peace. The Indian army must think ahead of unprecedented seizure violations; the Indian army should not disarm the civilian population by respecting military manners.