India begins using US-made weapons on Line of Control, preparations to enter Kashmir, situation becomes more dangerous
On the Islamabad (New Zodiac) Line of Control, the Indian Army has been provocative for the past two days, which defense analyst Zaid Hamid said in response to the Indian Army’s ambitions were clear. It is clear from the kind of weapons the army has inflicted on the Line of Control, that the Indian army will not mere provocation, it said that the purpose of heavy weapons at the border is to enter Azad Kashmir at some point. Letter be tried, Zaid Hamid says letter from Indian Army to use US-Guided Artillery on the border Ranak is clearing ambitions, on the other hand, Pakistan has strongly protested the Indian Army’s deployment of Deputy High Commissioner on ceasefire violation and indiscriminate firing and clarified if such activities If released, our response will be very strong, there is no terrorist camp, no civilian population will be tolerated. According to sources, the Pakistani Foreign Office has violated the Indian Army’s ceasefire agreement on the LoC. The Deputy High Commissioner has called for a serious protest. According to sources, the Pakistani authorities told the Deputy High Commissioner that heavy weapons were attacked on the Line of Control from Saturday night until Sunday, killing a civilian population in the village of Nausda, which resulted in the death of a soldier and a civilian. Five civilians were martyred. He said India was deliberately targeting civilians. He said that the launching pad of three terrorists was destroyed by the Indian Army Chief. No evidence has been provided by India about who are the five civilians killed. Sources once again summoned the Indian Deputy High Commissioner and told him that there was no terrorist camp. Pakistani authorities told India that if such movements were continued, then our response would be very severe. Pakistan responded strongly to Indian firing. Spokesman said that India cannot tolerate targeting civilian population. On the other hand, according to sources, Pakistan will take the entire diplomatic community in Jora, Shah Kot and Nowsheri and inspect that no camp exists. Civilian casualties suffered by Indian Army According to sources, the Pakistani authorities asked the Indian Deputy High Commissioner to take them to the exact location of the allegations made by India. In front of the Diplomatic Corps, prove where the terror camp is, Indian Deputy High. The Commissioner should go along and prove it. Pakistani officials said that if India has information, then they are taking the heads of diplomatic missions so that everyone will see. According to sources, UN Military Observer Group of India has also been invited. According to sources, it was decided to take all the ambassadors to LOC affected sectors and invitations were sent in this regard. According to sources, the Indian Deputy High Commissioner has been invited to personally go and identify the alleged terrorist camps that have been targeted but have not yet received a proper response from India. According to sources, Pakistan does not want matters to go to war. But if war is imposed, a strong response will be given. Pakistan is fully prepared to fight its own war, full response will be given. According to sources, white flags were raised by India to raise the bodies of their soldiers.