Harim Shah’s video controversy has gone to Newark, suspicious activities of key political figures
Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) The dispute over Harimah’s video has taken a new turn, according to a private TV report proving that the error did not take place in a single day. The activities of Coordinator Taufiq Abbasi are question marks, Tasif Abbasi’s Foreign Office has photographs with meetings, national symbols and flags, and the people he meets, these are meetings in the absence of the Foreign Minister and a person who is a P.O. The TI’s Deputy Deputy Secretary is information.
And how is he with the Foreign Minister, how does he use the Foreign Office in the absence of the Foreign Minister, his pictures are there, and these meetings with him, what are his goals, Foreign Minister Why the office is being used for alleged business or other activities, this TuckTalk Girl also took advantage of those activities and got into the main security block and made the video and made it such a joke, all these things. There are signs that they are causing the defamation of a sensitive institution such as the Foreign Ministry and such things, especially the Foreign Ministry. Of course, it is a very harmful thing to start with the Foreign Office, these are the things that caused this video to be revealed on the last day, after which a high-profile body like the Foreign Ministry suffered a scandal. Had to It may be recalled that the video made in the Foreign Affairs Committee room of Talk Talk star Hariram Shah was taken notice by the Prime Minister House yesterday. The video, which went viral on social media from the Prime Minister’s House, was actually made at the Foreign Office’s most important meeting room. The video was made by renowned Tuck Talk star Harim Shah in the committee room. When the video went viral on social media, the Prime Minister House took notice of it, which caused confusion among the Foreign Office officers and investigations began to show how the woman had access to the meeting room of such an important ministry office. Harim Shah is the woman who was accused by journalist Mubashir Luqman of stealing items from his plane. Talk Talk is a mobile application and platform where users share videos that are different. ۔ In a video made by the Foreign Office in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Harim Shah kept singing the Indian song.