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Khalid Ibrahim’s position on the Supreme Court of Allaah was correct; after Chaudhry Saeed’s disqualification, Prime Minister Azad Kashmir falls on the court of Alia, ready for constitutional action after unconstitutional action.
Muzaffarabad (News): Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider Khan, while addressing the Central Bar Association Muzaffarabad, said that the Chief Justice and judges of the Supreme Court of Azad Kashmir are surpassing their powers. Confrontation between institutions should not be attempted.
The Prime Minister said that the government could have punished Chaudhry Saeed, but the Supreme Court did not have the authority to remove and disqualify the assembly. Supreme Court judges stay within their limits.
According to court sources, Prime Minister Azad Kashmir said that we will take constitutional action against this unconstitutional action of Chief Justice and Judges. Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan’s position on the powers of the Supreme Court was also correct. “I have full confidence in the parliamentary party,” he said. Cabinet members ask that a minister be disqualified Why are you silent? So I want to tell everyone that I sent Riaz Akhtar Chaudhry home.