Prominent businessman of Mirpur, Faisal Manzoor arrested on burglary
Mirpur (interrogator) Uttara Bawa, who allegedly made millions of rupees from a well-known businessman, went to the city police station. He took the stand that he bought Abid Hussein from Ghulam Hussein Sakan Mangla Himalt by Mukhtar Ghulam Hussein Wold Mohammed Alam, who is the real father of Abid, a land measuring five kanals 17-meter measles No. 14 Mouza Saheb Czech Tehsil, Abul Hussain Mirpur. As of 2-1-19, Soil paid 2.5 million while the remaining amount After the transfer, on the occasion of the deal, Saila also built four walls and other farmhouses etc. On the occasion of the expenditure of about 2.5 million and many problems were encountered, the intention was to change the intention of Ghulam Hussein. Gale and Hale started Bahaba, on which five different jirgas were decided in favor of Rakim. During this time Ghulam Hussein fled to England. After a bribe, he withdrew the number from the pretext of writing the place and canceled it. All over the place, my wife is a hypocrite who falls into the category of fraud.