Nabila Ershad advocate announces boycott of convention along with party workers, declining party membership to be the worst example of civil dictatorship
ISLAMABAD (News) – Former Central Senior Vice President and Secretary General of the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party, Nabila Irshad Advocate, while holding a press conference with workers at the National Press Club Islamabad, said that freedom of movement is my first priority, politics. Second, party third priority, winning election is fourth and winning or losing election is fifth priority. Ghazi Millat is a political follower of Sardar Ibrahim Khan and Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan, canceling my party membership from the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party is the worst example of political uncertainty and civil dictatorship. On December 9, the party will boycott the elections and the convention. Nabila Ershad Advocate said at a press conference with senior party workers of Ghazi Millat Sardar Ibrahim Khan, Ghazi Naseem and Captain Hussain Khan Shaheed’s grandson, Muhammad Jamshed, said that freedom of movement is our top priority. Kashmiris have been struggling for independence for 72 years. Curfew has been imposed in occupied Kashmir for 118 days. India has established illegal and illegal occupation of occupied Kashmir. Narendra Modi is trying to eradicate the identity of Kashmiris. “Our family has been a political follower of Ghazi Millat Sardar Ibrahim Khan and Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan for four generations,” said Nabila Irshad Advocate. I have been politically associated with the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party and Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan for the past 20 years. Our leader Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan passed away in November last year, which caused severe damage to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that in 1990, my father Sardar Irshad Khan along with Ghazi Millat Sardar Mohammad Ibrahim Khan and Sardar Mohammad Khalid Ibrahim Khan were among the founders of the organization. The Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party was formed after the principle disagreement because then there was the PPP government in Pakistan and Ms Benazir Bhutto was the Prime Minister of the country and when the Peoples Party won the election in Azad Kashmir, Ms Benazir Bhutto nominated the Prime Minister in Azad Kashmir. Did the Ghazi Millat disagree with Sardar Ibrahim Khan and Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan on this nomination procedure? At that time, our leaders had left the Pakistan Peoples Party and formed the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party and started the democratic struggle. Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan struggled till his death by taking the philosophy of democratic struggle. Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan won the election from the platform of the same party and also went to the assembly twice, during which he also resigned from the assembly seat twice. One time he resigned, raising his voice against the illegal appointments made in Azad Kashmir’s bureaucracy and the second time in 2008, when the Prime Minister was being repeatedly replaced and passed on personal privilege. He resigned against the process. Nabila Irshad Advocate said that Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan had raised voice in the Assembly for the appointment of five new judges in the Azad Kashmir High Court in an unconstitutional way. Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan did not appear in Supreme Court He issued a warrant to arrest him. He died in the meantime. After the death of Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan, the assembly was vacated. The organization gave party ticket to Sardar Hassan Ibrahim Khan, on the request of the wife of Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan. So we all fought for his election together. As a result, he won the seat and got elected to the Assembly. Nabila Irshad Advocate said that within the last one year, the party has done many things that were controversial to us but I will not make them public due to moral requirements. He said that differences in the organization were also present in the presence of Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan Sahib but everyone sat down and resolved the issues and issues through dialogue. Nabila Irshad Advocate said that when India removed Article 370 from its Constitution and brought forth its policy on Kashmir and imposed a curfew in occupied Kashmir, I was a Kashmiri citizen and advocate on October 3 on my personal letterhead pad. Wrote a letter to pakistan, my previous post was written on my letter headpad. On writing this letter, I was issued a notice by the Secretary-General of the organization, which I presented before the committee and gave an oral reply. I was asked to give a written reply. Then I asked the party president to write to me
If a charge sheet is issued, I will give you a written response as I only sought clarification on the first notice. He said that during the same time, the personal servant heir of Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan sent me a notice to which I objected to the presidential party that the method of sending the notice was not correct, then the party acknowledged the mistake. On October 19, the President sent me a written charge sheet, which I also gave a written response in two days. When the short notice was called before the Advisory Committee of the party, I arrived briefly and presented myself. At a committee meeting, Asghar, son of Sardar Khalid Ibrahim, acknowledged that he had made a mistake by sending a personal employee notice. On this I said that if you admitted the mistake, the matter ended here, in response to J It was not to be said that this will not end, but it will be in this advisory committee or you will remain. Get over it