AC Yasir Riaz arrested on Abdullah Medical Store, banned from exporting drugstores, owner
Overdose is not even listed. Most people are exposed to various social evils from the banned drug.
Assistant Commissioner talks to journalists
Mirpur According to the details, Assistant Commissioner Yasir Riaz made a sudden check of various medical stores across the city on the instructions of Deputy Commissioner Raja Tahir Mumtaz. In the old checkpoints, a large number of illegal and Indian energy drugs were taken from Abdullah Medical Store. Upon export the owner arrested the store and b Lawsuit filed for negligence In this way, the quality and brand of pharmaceuticals were also checked during the inspection of other medical stores in the city. Warning to the unused medical stores, the stores will be sealed if the next scheduled temperature is not taken care of. The Assistant Commissioner or Head of Riyadh said that the medical treatment of the medical stores checking patients Medicines intended for the welfare of the wider health of some of the meds Complaints have been made against the stores yesterday that they are selling drugs to the younger generation, building self-sufficiency and other prohibited drugs under the guise of pharmaceuticals that do not even have the effect of overdose. Most people with the banned drugs suffer from various social evils. With their use, other human organs, including kidney and bladder, also cease to function. They said that the district administration has decided that human health and animals are being trafficked to the kafir role. Go ahead and prosecute such businessmen in the future These actions by the district administration by the public and civic circles gy.auam activated appreciated his strong words.