Violence against Kotli policemen arrested, accused arrested
Kotli () Kotli Police vandalized against criminals. Suspect arrested, arms recovered, case registered, investigation started. According to details, SP District Kotli Raja Akmal Kokotli Kojim has been assigned a special task to fulfill the mission of cleansing persons by SHOKOTLEY Mohammed Shahzad Chaudhry, in the light of which SHOKTLEI Mohammed Shahzadchahdri had given the crime special to police. Chaudhry Khalil, Abdul Qayyum, Mohammad Jamil, Mohammad Bostan and Raja Safian were included. The police team was supervising themselves by H. H. Ocotley. The police team raided the site of the Phalla lot and recovered two pistols and magazines from the area under the control of Buchotomism. On which the accused has closed the references by filing a criminal case under Section 152. Further investigation into the accused is underway.