Congratulates former Health Minister on Independent …
Mirpur Bol Kashmir News Independent candidate Engineer Usman Raza Qadri congratulates the former candidate for Health Minister Arshad Mehmood Ghazi. According to the details of the Mirpur by-polls, a series of cases were ongoing, with former candidate Engineer Usman Raza Qadri meeting with former Health Minister Arshad Mahmood Ghazi at his residence. Congratulations to Qadri for taking part in the elections in a good way. Former Minister of Health said that in the recent by-elections, the name of Usman Raza Qadri became a shining example in Mirpur, which in a short span of thirty days. Good competition. In politics, there are good people to read and write In fact, Shard Mahmood Ghazi said that for an independent candidate to stand in the polls and stand up to the end is a testament to his ability. Of course, Usman Raza Qadri’s winning in such a short time is undoubtedly true. On this occasion, Usman Raza Qadri said that Arshad Mehmood Ghazi is a university for us who has served the people of Mirpur for a long time. Give health to Usman Raza Qadri says that chairs and positions are not important. The real purpose is to serve humanity. He should be present to serve humanity at all times. We will continue to defend Mirpur rights at every forum.