Kashmiris are fighting in the field with Pakistan’s green flag tied on their heads: Sardar Atiq
Imran Khan has shown his face to the world in the United Nations, then instability at home has begun.
India does not abide by UN resolutions and 370; Shimla treaty should be hit on its face
Muzaffarabad / Bahawalnagar (Beaverport) Prime Minister Atiq Ahmad Khan, leader of the All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference, said that the government of Pakistan should be torn apart by the Shimla agreement and hit the mouths of Indians. Relations and talks with India should be subject to Kashmir, he said while addressing a solidarity Kashmir seminar hosted by Syed Nazar Mehmood Shah, the central leader of the Pakistan Assembly of Muslim Youth. He said that if Prime Minister Imran Khan showed the face of Modi and RSS in the United States, instability in the house had already begun. The sit-in in Islamabad was part of his efforts. The date was October 27, the day India occupied Kashmir. With this sit-in the Kashmir TV channels were left behind. The sit-in method was incorrect. Sardar Atiq Ahmad Khan said that Kashmiri youth are being buried in the flag of Pakistan. They fight in the field with the flag of Pakistan on their heads. This blood cannot be ignored. Kashmiri youths are defending Pakistan because India wants to stop Pakistan’s water. He said that India which did not obey the UN resolutions and 370. The agreement should be struck at its mouth. He should say that a strong and stable Pakistan is essential for the independence of Kashmir. He said that efforts should be made to make Gilgit-Baltistan a province. Instead of dealing with the status of Azad Kashmir, Kashmiris living abroad should fight the Kashmir case with full force by giving them the right to vote. Quaid-e-Azam’s vision had long ago been realized that the leadership of Muslims with Hindus is not possible, so they fought for the separation of Muslims and the establishment of Pakistan is the result of this thinking. NA Chairman, Standing Committee on Law Justice Pakistan, and Sardar Usman Ali Khan, Chairman of the Muslim Conference Youth Wing, CA Nazar Mahmood Shah, former federal minister and PML-Q chief Zia Ijaz-ul-Haq, Syed Aleem Shah MPA Mohammad Iqbal Dar, Chaudhry Muhammad Naeem Kaleem and others addressed.