A Danish girl arrives in Pakistan after falling in love with a Pakistani boy
Shahzib was first seen in Malaysia, very attractive, Greta
Denmark (December 5, 2019): Love has no boundaries and this is what proved to be the case with a Danish girl who went to Pakistan for a boycott of love for a Pakistani boy. According to the description, where social media is nowadays, some people get caught up in love of each other after making friends on social media and get tied up in a marriage to end their love.
Similarly, a Danish girl fell in love with a Pakistani boy, Shahzib. Pakistani boy Shahzib refused to get a visa for Denmark on which the girl herself arrived in Pakistan. The girl, Grita, arrived at Shahzib’s house with her family. Grita says she first saw Shahzib in Malaysia, which would be very attractive to me.
The girl says she was warmly welcomed in Pakistan.
Shahzib’s family also gave a gift of bouquet which was very beautiful. Grita says that Pakistan is very beautiful but people have negative thoughts about Pakistan which is rather wrong. People only read and hear about Pakistan. , Greta advised foreigners to do Kadura in Pakistan. Earlier, foreign women had fallen in love with Pakistani boys, remembering a German resident who was arrested in love with a Pakistani boy. Had arrived
The young man’s friendship came from Dusija, a German-based social networking site, on Facebook. This friendship has changed over time. After that, the German drug dealer arrested in love for a Pakistani teenager reached seven seaside Pakistan to receive his love and converted to Islam.