It was raining on the dollar against Pakistan
Yesterday, $ 38 million came from the UK, while today $ 23 million was received, China Mobile paid the license.
KARACHI (Dec 05, 2019) – The dollar is only pouring rain on Pakistan, with $ 38 million coming from the UK yesterday, while today 23 million dollars have been received, China Mobile paid the license. According to the details, the China Mobile Company has paid the outstanding amount under the mobile license. China Mobile Company has paid more than $ 23 million in mobile license to Pakistan, PTA sources said.
Receiving this amount has also increased Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves. Foreign exchange casualties increased by US $ 41.5 million to C $ 15 billion 99 million. State Bank of Pakistan data showed that central bank reserves increased by $ 436 million during the week ended November 29, while reserves of other commercial banks increased by one. The central bank’s reserves went up to $ 9 billion 11.29 million, compared to $ 6 billion 88 million to $ 3 million, while the total foreign exchange reserves increased by $ 41.55 million to C $ 15 billion, $ 32 million.
Meanwhile, a State Bank spokeswoman says the State Bank’s reserves have increased by $ 1.8 billion during the current financial year.