Operation of municipality in Makrama, dozens of Pakistani shopkeepers and locals arrested
The municipality also seized 30 tonnes of meat and 30 tonnes of vegetables and fruits during a tour of the Nikaasa Market.
Maize Mamarama (December 5, 2019) Crackers are being downloaded in various areas by the Maizema Municipality to prevent the sale of hazardous health meat and vegetables and fruits, in addition to seizing unused nutrients during the raids. They are also being arrested and fined. On the last day, too, the Mecca municipality took strong action against over-the-counter and hazardous food vendors.
Saudi website Tutorial reported that an inspection team comprising municipal officials visited the Nikaasa Market. During which 30 tonnes of meat and 30 tonnes of vegetables and fruits sold at stores and shops were seized due to hazardous health and over-consumption.
Municipality officials said illegal migrants were selling vegetables and other foodstuffs to locusts and potholes in the Nikas Market, most of which were harmful to the public health.
During the raid, they abandoned their illegal baggage and fled, but few were arrested. Most of them were illegally based in the state. Who have been referred to the relevant institution to complete the stages of the D-Port. They include Pakistanis. The harmful health foods that were seized here were being touted to be sold at cheap prices.
While most migrants were selling meat in violation of the principles of storage and hygiene. All food items seized by the municipality were taken to a nearby location and destroyed. The municipality reported that foreign migrants in Mecca, Medina, Jeddah and other areas, including those illegally, sell pomegranate fruits, vegetables, but hygiene and quality are not taken care of here. , Which poses serious health risks to consumers. That is why they are being cracked down vigorously.