The outlawed gang blackmails innocent children for sexual orientation; Mohsin Munir’s ‘Tawif Geelani’ and others include
Accused Mohsin Munir detained, so-called high-profile mob, rescued children from school
Muzaffarabad (City Reporter) Private school teacher Taseef Geelani hides a gang scheme to blackmail innocent children and adolescent boys in various ways, including audio-video, ‘influential, not motivated to save mills’ Panic spread throughout the area. Children leave school. Parents suffer from disturbance at educational institutes: Police raid various places to arrest police mills. An affected boy’s father arrives at a press club for grandparenting. Prime Minister and Chief Justice Gee police openly execute the suspects. Syed Imtiaz Ali Naqvi, resident of Hatti Bala Malpura, told reporters at the Central Press Club Sileen Desk that the gang organized in Hatti Bala showed innocent children and teenagers Targets abuse by blackmailing different ways for. This group includes Mohsin Munir ‘Private School Teacher Taseef Gilani and others. The suspects have abused many children in the area. “My second-grade son was molested by Mohsin Munir and Taseef Gilani,” he said. The suspects sexually assaulted schoolchildren and teenage boys by blackmailing ‘audio’ video. The accused Mohsin Munir raped my son while he was a drug addict and also made video videos and then continued blackmailing the video. The child came home to Sahamah when he told a horror story about the mystery, the ground went under my feet. When accused Mohsin Munir was arrested on FIR, he confessed to abusing several children. It is revealed that the accused Taseef Gilani is also involved in this abominable sport. My son quoted Taufiq Geelani as saying that he had repeatedly forced and blackmailed to satisfy his sexual desire. The Gilani shop is always crowded with obese young people who are planning to blackmail their children into sexual harassment. The two suspects also recorded a record of more than 350 calls regarding this foul play. Defendant Gilani is extremely influential. Some jurors offered to end the debate through the jirga, but I will fight to bring justice to the affected children, including my child, and to bring the culprits to the kuffar role. Parents of other affected children are poor and vulnerable. They are afraid to speak out against the accused. They should also be out on the field. He said that in such an environment, parents are worried about how to send pieces of their liver to school. There are many children who are afraid to go to school. He said that the police were cooperating with us. The covert central planning suspect is influential who is also influencing the police. He demanded that the Prime Minister, Chief Justice and IG police be brought to justice and other criminals should be arrested and hanged in the public square so that such incidents do not happen in the future. Schools and colleges should also keep a check and balance in this regard. Education environment should be improved. Then, when contacted by SHO police station Bala Raja Yasser Khan in this regard, he informed that the central accused Mohsin Munir has been arrested and the investigation is ongoing. The accused, Taufiq Gilani, has also been included in the FIR. And raids are being conducted to arrest him, which will be arrested soon. No matter how influential, no one can be higher than the law. Ensure compliance with the law. Public ‘political’ social circles have called for the actual execution of the perpetrators of the abominable act. It should be noted that Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haid Rukhan has instructed SP shopkeepers in this regard that the accused should be immediately arrested and punished according to law.