“Get me out of the plane, I’m getting tired”
During the passenger’s attempt to open the flight door, the ship screamed
Jeddah (December 6, 2019) – Passengers arriving from Saudi Arabia’s Heathrow airport to Saudi Arabia were overwhelmed with panic when British Airways passengers tried to open a plane, flying thousands of feet high. The passenger suddenly got up from his seat and began to rotate the lever to open the door. At this scene all the passengers on the ship went out screaming.
According to the details, British Airways flight 263 was an hour after departing from London to Riyadh when the passenger began to rotate its lever to open a door on the back of the ship. The passenger, along with the broken foot, was speaking loudly in English, “I want to get out of here.
“However, the passengers quickly overcame the danger and overcame the passenger, but there was constant resistance from them.
The mentally ill passenger was included in the heavyweight boxer Dylan White’s brother Dean, who was traveling to Saudi Arabia to support his brother in a boxing competition in Riyadh. White said it was like a movie scene. I realized that within a matter of minutes the door would open and we would all die. Immediately I and Steward caught this uncontrollable passenger.
I was about to make it a bit louder in anger that I realized that the passenger’s mental state was not good, on which I abandoned my decision to teach him a lesson on this dangerous move. In the meantime another flight staff also brought handcuffs. However, I consoled the passenger and assured him that he would be comfortable, that nothing would happen to the ship. She is safe on the plane. After which the passenger calmly returned to his seat. However, British Airways did not say whether the passenger was later arrested or released.