Mirpur (from Zafar Mughal) Occupation of mafia rule in Mirpur, development of Mirpur, the allocation of allotted plots on the areas allotted during construction of Mangla Dam, disputes between plot allotments and WAPDA officers became commonplace, The incident took place at the Khaliqabad Cross, adjacent to the police post and on the land of nearby Wapda and clashes broke out among employees of Wapda and Wapda. 5 accused including Sikandar Latif booked, accused arrested before bail Before the Chief Engineer Wapda wrote the deputy commissioner and SSP Mirpur along with evidence of the threat of assassination, there was a wave of concern among employees who could not register FIR, plot allotments and any major clash between WAPDA employees. As the dangers of IS increased, the authorities including Mirpur and Wapda Mangla, along with the police and the administration, became silent spectators. As per the details, during the construction of Mangla Dam in Mirpur during 1962 and 1964, Wapda authorities decided to allocate the land in Mirpur for the construction of Manglajil which was purchased according to the law and their compensation paid to the affected victims. The details and map of these award winning areas are regularly registered in the mall records, on these lands the Allotment Committee of the Development Commissioner of Mirpur and the responsible sector made the allotment of plots by making them regular sectors. Regular construction permits were issued by passing the maps and when this When Lottie and Jupiter begin to construct these plots, the Wapda Mangla authorities declare them as occupation mafia and, on the spot, to prevent construction, they ask the builders to seize the mafia and stop them. Fighting begins on Wapda Mangla’s officers to construct buildings in the rear of the police chowk on the cross and the Wapda Mangla. Recently, a man named Sikandar Latif was involved in the construction of a police post in Khaliqabad. Asghar seeks to prevent them from constructing land that occupies the awarded land of Wapadamangala. Do not let several people, including Alexander Latif, attacked WAPDA employees and threatened to kill them with glamorous glamor, on which the police station Thuthal filed a case against 5 accused, including Alexander Latif, under 353 / 186,341 / 147 and 149APC. After registering the sale, Sikandar Latif has been arrested before the District and Sessions Judge Mirpur bail, after which a mobile phone was made by Sikandar Latif to SDO Wapda Mangala Mohammad Asghar. A call from 0310-1230066 has also gone viral in which the accused threatened to kill the Wapda officer and harass him. In this case, no FIR has been registered against the accused nor any other action can be initiated against the Deputy Commissioner and SSP Mirpur in writing by Chief Engineer Wapda Mangla. Concern has been waged in WAPDA employees, while the risks of a major confrontation between plot allottees and WAPDA employees have started to increase, with the police and administration as well as development authorities in Mirpur and most Wapda Mangla officials becoming silent spectators. A few days ago, the Wapda Mangla Executive Engineer Dam Division over the award-winning area of ​​Wapda Mangla by Raja Maharam vs. Khaliqabad Cross posted a written fourth deputy commissioner to Mirpur and SSP Mirpur under DD / A / 47/10800. -09 has been written which describes the steps taken to prevent illegal construction on the Wapda area. However, despite the many letters written by WAPDA by the district administration and police, no action was taken and thus the development of Mirpur and the district administration
Police are looking for a major accident to become a silent spectator.