Madiya Khanam won first position at Azad Kashmir University
My teachers and my parents have a big role to play in my successes
Mirpur (Special Reporter) Government Post Graduate College Mirpur student honored with first position in Azad Kashmir University and got Gold Medal in MSc Economics, Mirpur resident student got Gold Medal in MSc Economics. The successful student says that I am successful because of the hard work of my teacher Sir Hafizur Rehman, Madame Firmilla and the prayers of my parents. My teachers have guided me step by step to achieve this position. I attribute this success to my parents whose compassion I have today And it’s what my parents are my role models whose dedication to success under the guidance of the place I love. Talking to journalists, the student who received the Gold Medal in Economics from Azad Kashmir University spoke to the journalists. Abdul Ghafoor Saakin Chitra Padri, a student who received the Gold Medal, said, “My achievements include my teachers and my parents. It is because of his hard work and dedication that I gained this position. Madiha Khanam received this Gold Medal in MSc Economics from the President of Azad Kashmir and Chancellor of Azad Kashmir University Sardar Masood Khan at the 17th Convention on 19-12-2019. On the success of Madiha Khanum, the public and community groups expressed their best wishes for this success.