Prevention of surcharges at public hospitals is a historic decision by the court
Divisional headquarters prevented the hospital from charging various departments Haha, the faces of Ahilyan Mirpur open with joy
Extra tax was tried to humiliate the poor by bombing the poor at District Hospital, Mirpur
Mirpur (Acting Specialist) Central Association of TradersFunds Group President Raja Khalid Mahmood Khan said that the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of Azad Jammu and Kashmir made a historic decision of Mirpur; Etc. prevented the Divisional Headquarters Hospital from charging various departments for additional fees, the faces of Ahilyan Mirpur opened with joy, while the citizens continued to greet each other. These views were expressed by Union President Rajaj Khalid Mahmood Khan and General Secretary Qazi Arshad Mahmood in their joint statement. He said that all the government agencies, especially the hospitals which are built for the benefit of the people, but now the District Hospital Mirpur is trying to humiliate the taxpayers by dropping bombs on the poor. Raja Khalid Mehmood Khan said that the government hospitals are meant to provide relief to the public so that the notification for additional charges will be sent on 20-10-2019. Should be canceled according to the normal checkup department emergency which is now absolutely free Rtys are being charged Rs 20 per s, OPD check-up has been increased from Rs 30 to Rs 40. Similarly, the ultrasound has been increased from Rs 100 to Rs 120 to X-ray from Rs 115 to Rs 140, admission fee which was Rs 250 has been increased to Rs 300, the inspection operation fee which was Rs 300 has been increased from Rs 430 to Rs 430. Raised to Rs. 790 and ECG which was earlier Rs. 50 to Rs. 60. Similarly, all charges have been increased which is unfair to the general public. If the additional charges are canceled, then the Honorable Judge of the High Court Justice Khalid Yousuf Chaudhry stopped the divisional headquarters from receiving additional money after hearing the arguments and added I would cancel rspandnts Qom has issued the tenders and was directed to file a reply on the next date of hearing was postponed rspandnts.